Ik Ben Echt Niet Bang! / I'm Never Afraid!
documentary / 20min / color / dolby stereo / s16mm / 2010 / ism VPRO

  Mack a 8 year old streetwise boy, who wants to win all the time, lives on borrowed time. With his mirrored heart he has to perform on the motorcrosstrack while death watches him from all corners. He finds inspiration with his grandfather who has passed away and support from his sister who lives in constant fear of going into anaphylactic shock and die. A short, sometimes quirky and funny, youth documentary about the strength to win and facing ones fears.  

writen and directed by: Willem Baptist camera: Dirk-Jan Kerkkamp sound: David Spaans editor: Albert Markus
soundmix: Ranko Paukovic grading & titles: Barend Onneweer commissioning editor VPRO: Anna van der Staak
producer: Mete Gümürhan


23th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 55th BFI London Film Festival, 18th Slamdance Film Festival, 25th Cinekid *Kinderkast Jury Award non-fiction*, 55th San Fransisco Film Festival *Golden Gate Award for best documentary short*, 51th Krakow Film Festival *nom. Best Short*, Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival, 31th Nederlands Film Festival *Golden Calf Competition*, 36th Atlanta Film Festival *Documentary Short Grand Jury Prize*, 30th Uppsala Int. Short Film Festival, 56th Corona Cork Film Festival, Kavalan Short Film Festival Taiwan *Kids Land Archive Award*, 34th Lucas Children's Film Festival *nom. Best Short*, 25th Parnu FF *nom. Best Short*, 11th Buster Copenhagen, 29th Int. Festival Cinema Jeunesse de Rimouski *nom. Best Short*, 15th Tallin Black Nights Film Festival, 19th Plus Camerimage *nom. Best Short Doc.*, 14th Olympia Film Festival *Best Documentary Short Inernational Jury Award & Children Jury Award*, Monterey International Film Festival *nom. Cabrito de Plata*, and many many more...

I’m Never Afraid! was nominated at the anual Dutch ‘Beeld & Geluid Awards Televisievakprijzen 2012 – categorie Jeugd’ and presented in the Prix Jeunesse International 2012 Mediabar.